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Our Mission

  • To create an informed statewide voice for Georgia’s libraries through a grassroots network of citizens who communicate the value of libraries as essential community services

  • To strengthen the ability of local Friends organizations to support their libraries

Why should I volunteer at my library?


How do libraries benefit from Friends groups?

They benefit from the expansion of their resources to serve the public. Friends extend a library’s capacity through dollar gifts, volunteer and program support, and advocacy.


Few libraries are in a position to turn away help from their supporters – in fact, even if a library were so well-heeled that additional funding wasn’t needed, libraries without a well-developed group of Friends will find the going tough when they need to bring in additional precious funds in an increasingly competitive environment, when they need a new building, or when they need to grow their collections and services. Additionally, any library that seeks grant funding will find itself in a much more competitive position for those grants if it can show that it receives tangible support from the people who use and benefit from the library.


Politically, Friends are very important and effective for libraries of all types. Friends are advocates by default! Friends wouldn’t be giving their time, energy, and financial support to an entity they’re unwilling to fight for – that entity is the library. When the case needs to be made for your library, the group most able to step up to the plate is the Friends of the Library. Every day across America, Friends make a difference for the libraries they serve.

Why Join FOGL?

Friends of Georgia Libraries is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.  Membership in FOGL allows you to apply for our Awards and Grants,

attend our events,  get assistance with group start-up and information,

and have access to our statewide network of FRIENDS for help with any issues!

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